March 05, 2014


Here we are, launching our website, finally! It's been a whirlwind, we started making bags and aprons in August, 2013, we were dabbling with a few ideas, trying things out. We bought a cheapy sewing machine, made a few aprons, they were cute but we wanted tough and rugged. We quickly learned, If you want to make anything "rugged" you have to have the equipment, so a month later we bought a vintage, industrial sewing machine and we got busy.

None of this would be possible if we didn't have an awesome studio space. "Iron+Copper+Bronze" is the name of the art studio space where this all began. Bibi, the artist, paints with metals, liquid metal paints to be exact. She paints primarily with, iron, copper and bronze (hence the name). We never put much thought into what we would call our "brand" we started calling it "Iron+Copper+Bronze", made a "logo" in 5 min and then, of course, it stuck. Luckily we like it and it has meaning.

We could never have expected what happened when we showed our bags to some friends, shop owners and random people. We wore our prototype bags everywhere we went and strangers would comment and ask us where we got our bags, we placed a few bags in a local boutique shop and they sold out in days, the rest of inventory quickly was sold to friends and we were left with no inventory at the beginning of the year. We got busy in January and February. Cathy, in between working full time as a pediatric ICU nurse, sewed bags. Bibi in between making art, cut leather and got business in order. 

The hard work, long hours and all the trial and tribulations of starting a new business is paying-off, we LOVE what we are doing, we love being bag makers, we love the sore hands and cuts and bruises on our fingers, we love the smell of leather, we love when our 50 yard rolls of waxed canvas arrive, we love that our friends and family believe in what we are doing, we love our prospects for the future, we love that you are here on our website and that you've read this far down and we hope you follow us on this journey.