We had the opportunity to meet with the lovely ladies behind Iron+Copper+Bronze and we had a great conversation about their business. We enjoy meeting with people and learning about their stories and how they have gotten to this place. As we sat down with Bibi and Cathy we could instantly tell that they were very down to earth. We all love to know the people behind our favorite brands so here you go folks. 

Bibi is originally from southern California and Cathy is from New York. They officially came to Fresno in 2011 as they were moving from Nashville back to California. They love Whole Foods and fine dining. They create the perfect pair as they have built a life together. They started hand crafting leather bags as a hobby but it has now grown into a business. Originally they wanted to use their hobby money as a way to pay for a fun vacation each year. Cathy started out making aprons as they bought a couple sewing machines. Bibi went away for a weekend and asked if Cathy could make a bag and sure enough she was able to put together a sample. Bibi came up with some ideas on how to change the style of the bag and they added waxed canvas and leather to the final design. They made 12 bags to start out with and they all got sold quickly. At that very moment a light bulb went off in their heads. They sold 30 bags that first Christmas, which is amazing when first starting a business.

Some of their first obstacles they had to hurdle were price points, start up cost, and the courage to finally say "we are going to do this!" Branding is important to a business and Iron+Copper+Bronze has excelled in this category. With phenomenal photographs on their website to the quality in their work they have become very well known. At the beginning of their venture they had the opportunity to create bags for the cast of Superman VS Batman which helped to get their name on the map. Creating bags for the cast of a movie like that was a big opportunity for them. 

Bibi and Cathy have a big impact on the success of their business. They put their talents together and have created a successful business. They are working to take Iron+Copper+Bronze to new heights. The duo takes pride in their products and you can tell that they are great quality bags. Their vision for the business is great as they take pride in making their products locally. Fresno has given them the opportunity to grow their business and create a community of supporters here in downtown.

Iron+Copper+Bronze has created quality products that are amazing and we are happy we were able to sit down with Bibi and Cathy. They are great people who are working hard to grow their business. We wish you the best of luck as you both continue to reach your vision for the business. All of you should check out their products on their website or visit them when Arthop is taking place!