Bibi Bielat & Cathy Caracciolo - Founders, Designers, Makers


Iron+Copper+Bronze is a collaborative effort between two like minded women who had a common desire to create bags perfect for their lifestyle. The collection was forged from the sharing of similar passions and the need for a great bag that’s durable, multi-functional and unlike a typical purse or tote. 

Bibi and Cathy are the women behind the brand. It was an unlikely but chance meeting how the two met. Bibi, a Southern California native, was working in Nashville designing album artwork for major record labels. It was in Nashville where she met Cathy, a born and bred New Yorker, who was working as a travel nurse. At the beginning of their relationship—these two never would have guessed that they would become purveyors of high quality bags and totes. While the pair enjoyed Nashville, they jumped at an opportunity to move to California where Bibi could pursue a career as an artist and Cathy could continue to work as a Pediatric ICU nurse.

Becoming bag makers was something they truly stumbled into. Cathy and Bibi didn’t really have a discussion about starting a business together— it just evolved. Now their business is a passion. The two put in an enormous amount of hours designing, physically making each bag, running the business and yet, still manage to work their regular jobs. Being that these bag designers travel often, it was only natural that the bags should be perfect travel companions. The original goal was to create bags that were tough and rugged and able to carry essentials for a picnic in Yosemite or a drive to the Central California coast and to be versatile enough for everyday use. 

Cathy and Bibi have a need for a travel and adventure. When they are not making bags in their converted warehouse studio—they are exploring. They can usually be found on the coast in Cayucos, Big Sur or further south in Ventura and Malibu. They will travel far and wide for good, organic, local foods or to New York City for pizza. What started out as playing with aprons and making bags has turned into a real, rapidly growing business. Iron+Copper+Bronze takes pride in making their bags in small batches and that they're handmade in the U.S.A.—there’s hard labor and love that goes into their work. The business is inspired by many things—mostly nature and travel—more importantly these bags, just like Cathy and Bibi are ready for adventure.



The name "Iron+Copper+Bronze" is attributed to the art studio where Bibi makes her living as an artist. Her paints are a unique medium of actual iron, copper and bronze metal particles suspended in an acrylic base. The studio now also serves as the workspace and showroom for "Iron+Copper+Bronze" hand crafted bags and aprons.