Care for Products

Care for Iron+Copper+Bronze waxed canvas and leather goods is easy:
Waxed canvas has been used since the mid 19th century as a resilient, water resistant fabric. The Martexin Original Wax fabric that we use is made to last but can’t be dry cleaned or washed in a machine. Those processes will strip the wax from the canvas.
For a light cleaning of spots or soiled areas, lightly brush off dried dirt with a soft sponge. Use cold tap water to gently surface clean the area with yours hands or a sponge. Mild soap flakes, baby soap or a drop of liquid hand soap (not an alcohol based hand sanitizer) may be used, but do not use detergent – it will break down the wax.
Over time, the canvas and leather will develop a natural patina, they will develop unique character and look better with age.