Do you do custom orders?

-Not at this time. Sorry! We currently don't have the man power or time to make custom bags. A custom bag can take a few days or weeks to make and all our time is going to creating inventory and filling orders. 


Do you make a messenger bag? Camera bag? Pannier bag? Lap top bag? Duffle Bag? Wallets?

-Not yet. We plan on adding all these bags to our line but we are just getting going and haven't put these bags into production.


Where do you sell your bags?

-We sell them here on this website,

Enjoy the Store in Visalia,

Appendage & Bough in San Luis Obispo

and from our studio/showroom at 1821 Gallery & Studios in Downtown Fresno during special events and occasions. Our studio is not a store, we do not have regular hours. 


Are your bags made in China?

-Believe it or not, we get asked this a lot. We do our best to be very very clear that we make ALL bags ourselves, by hand, in our studio in Fresno, California. 


Do you have a store/Is Iron+Copper+Bronze a store?

-We are NOT a store. Our studio/showroom is not a store. We do not have regular hours. Our studio is open the first Thursday of every month for Art Hop, 5-8PM. We do open our studio for other events and occasions and will post those hours on our website, Facebook and Instagram. We will open our studio by appointment but we do not guarantee that we will have a full inventory in our studio. Please, call or email us if you have a question about any of our products.